A beginner freelancer experience


Does freelancing is a good job opportunity for freshly graduated?

In the last year I had worked as freelancer in many different sites  and clients for start performing my career form none experience.

Many sites recommend freelancing when your professional career look solid through experience, however this is not always true.

Contrary to recommendations, I had decided about half a year ago starting my career as economist and data scientist in freelancing.  Being declined for about a month to potential clients  proposals for statistical analysis, forecasting,  and other kind of analysis I supposed knew to perform, I started asking myself if I was doing correctly by taking easy jobs like answering companies questionnaires or making language translations just for improving qualifications and getting low payment.

I had never been so wrong, perseverance is what makes this job unique. With almost zero knowledge (really) about professional presentation or how attract a client to your offer I never stop putting my offers in the job postings.

I had pushed so hard myself to improve my work and getting out that “small jobs dark hole” (how I call it now) that after my first serious contract went mature enough I found the 3 rules of freelancing:

  • Effort
  • Double effort
  • Effort after more effort

But you will ask; How so much effort will may make you special between other more experienced?

The key is that it will not make any difference. You still will have less experience, that is experience is about! It will make you bring the best of yourself and discover capabilities that you thought had never see before; never be afraid of dreaming about getting that big contract that always wins a better qualified writer, designer or market researcher.

Talent is in yourself if you push yourself enough to believe it. Talk with passion about your job, feel confident about your abilities, the unique difference between that freelancer that always win big contracts and you is that they feel confident about that your feel unsure you could develop.


So the advice I could bring to you who is reading, is to never give up, you have the knowledge just effort enough to apply it.